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DOI for Books' chapters

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Differently from Journals/articles, when a book is published online, it is not separated by chapters (at least I have never seen it, :thinking:) - which means it does not have a different URL or landing page for each chapter.

So… when registering content of book chapters at WebDeposit, I can easily fill all the different metadata for all the chapters but, can I use the same URL for all the chapters?


Hi Bruna,

It is okay if each book chapter resolves to the same landing page, as long as that landing page meets the standard landing page requirements for all of the DOIs.

That is, on the book’s landing page, you would need to include some bibliographic information on the book itself and each of the chapters as well as the DOI (displayed as a link in the{DOI} format) for the book as a whole and for each chapter.

Typically this information is presented as as a table of contents for the book. And, ideally, you should use anchor links in the resolution URL for each chapter so that each DOI resolves to the specific spot on the landing page where that chapter’s information is displayed.



Awesome, Shayn! It all makes sense :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! :sunflower: